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Broadly speaking, there are two traditions about divine healing in the Body of Christ. There is the conservative view, which generally believes that divine healing as a ministry has ceased since the time of the apostles, and may only occur today essentially by an indeterminate act of providence, totally arbitrary and not to be expected. Such a view argues that modern medicine is the main means that God has given man for healing today, and not miracles. There is the charismatic view, which holds that biblical healing has not ceased. But in the main, this view is dominated today by the belief that miracles of healing depend essentially on being holy and perfect, or on the amount of praying and fasting you are able to exercise.

Pastor Moses Rahaman Popoola brings to the Body of Christ in this booklet the revelation perspective of the grace of God in the healing of man. He reveals clearly that mercy is the basis for gaining the kind of healing miracle from God that you cannot lose. Merit cannot give you such healing. Mercy means that Jesus took the bad things we deserve and gave us the good things Jesus deserves. Performance is not a basis for obtaining mercy from God. When we focus on our good works, it leads to anxiety, frustrations and disappointment when we discover our imperfections. That is what is wrong with those who believe in divine healing on
the basis of good works rather than mercy.

Furthermore, Popoola reveals that the brass serpent in the wilderness symbolized sin and sickness as already judged in Christ on the Cross. That means healing is an accomplished fact. Therefore, we need to exercise faith in Christ rather than focus on the pain we feel or what the doctors say. Instead of praying to be healed, we should be declaring by faith that the healing has already been accomplished. When it seems that our prayer for healing has
not been answered, we should speak in faith to the problem about God, rather than speaking to God about the problem.

Not only that, Popoola reveals by the Holy Spirit that continuous prayer of faith is the key to securing the answer that has already been given. When Jesus cursed the fig tree,
then went and cleansed the temple of money changers, etc, declaring the temple to be a house of prayer rather than a den of robbers, He taught us the principle of making our bodies,
the temple of God, to be the house of continuous prayer of faith. Hence, the fig tree manifested that it had withered only after the cleansing of the temple, meaning that as we stay in faith, our miracle that had already happened as soon as we initially prayed would then manifest. In the same way Daniel's prayer was answered on the instant, but his twenty-one day continuous prayer of faith secured the answer. Popoola teaches the need to continue praying in tongues, which is praying in the spirit, until the answer to prayer manifests, no
matter how long it takes.

What is more, in this powerful revelation from heaven, Pastor Popoola shows us clearly that God is not the author of sickness. Contrary to the widely held belief that God permitted Satan to afflict Job, Popoola reveals that Job's sin consciousness and fear opened him up to Satan's attack. Did not Job himself declare that the thing he feared most has come upon him? This means our attitude can hinder God from preventing Satan's attacks on our lives. Moreover,
seeking to earn God's blessing by keeping the law only attracts a curse. It is only our dependence on God's grace that releases His blessings, including divine healing.

In addition, Pastor Popoola leads us to understand that God desires every believer to be equipped to heal the sick, so as to enhance the rapid spread of the gospel. Knowing
ourselves spiritually as Jesus knew Himself would help believers to be as effective in healing others as Jesus was. Even our approach to anointing is corrected in this revelation exposition of God's word; we should thank God because we received anointing from the day we became born again, even before the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We do not need to fast and pray for anointing, because we already have it. Since Jesus lives in us, we have anointing to heal the sick and raise the dead like Jesus; and baptism of the Holy Ghost only enhances our ability to express the anointing that we already have.

This book has radically changed my perspective of the power to heal the sick, perform miracles, and carry out God's assignments for me. Every child of God needs to experience
the release of power that God has given the Body of Christ in these last days as the last frontiers of the devil are being over thrown before the Lord returns. I urgently urge you to get a
copy and enter into your divine inheritance.

Rev. Prof. Samuel Peni Ango,
Chaplain, U.M.C.A. Theological College,
Ilorin, Nigeria.
9th May, 2013.

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