Freedom From Generational Curses

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To put a curse on someone is to invoke or invite terrible negative occurrences into the life of another. This is usually done by wicked people with ocultic power personally or on contract either out of envy for the victim or to avenge an offence. There is also a curse attached to every law of God we break. Furthermore, there is another curse which every man inherited as a result of the sins of our first fore parents who chose to disobey God as well as being wicked to their fellow men.

The way out of every curse is Jesus the Son of God who came to redeem us from the curse of the law, break the power of generational curses through His death on the cross and insulate us from curses from wicked people when we abide in Him. It is very sad that most people are ignorant of this simple fact and even ministers of God teach lots of error and practice weird things to deliver people from curses. It is from the perspective of grace that God has given His servant to write to this age when even believers are ignorant of the fact that they are no more under the curse and cannot be affected by any curse for their lives are hid in Christ, in God and so go about seeking “curse breaker experts” to deliver them.

The writer also laments the fact that many believers who seem to have come out of their ignorance still find it difficult to enjoy their freedom from curses because they could not believe that all God demands from them is to believe that the suffering, crucifixion, death and resurrection of Christ has purchased their freedom. They rather want to earn it by work such as rigorous fasting, intensive praying, giving etc rather than receive it free of charge as already paid and overpaid for by the suffering of Christ.

The author identifies another reason believers aren't enjoying the freedom from curses that Christ bought for the world as Christians still carrying about consciousness of evil, sin and enemies instead of being conscious of the victorious Jesus who dwells in them. They see themselves after the flesh, still in the old Adam and not after the spirit, new creatures for whom old things including curses are passed away and all things becoming new, with God's blessings abundantly manifesting in our lives in Christ.

Reading this book will set your heart and life, marriage and business or vocation at liberty and bring God's unmerited favour and blessings into your life as you simply believe what Christ has done for you, appropriate it and enjoy God to the maximum.

You are blessed and a blessing in Jesus name.

Florence M. Popoola Ilorin
Ilorin. Kwara State.

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